Top 5 Best Food Vacuum Sealer and Buying Guide

In the era of busy lifestyle we hardly go to shop fresh fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs on everyday basis. Rather we purchase in bulk and store for further use. To keep the food fresh for longer period of time the role of the best food vacuum sealer is inevitable.

If we are not using this small but advantageous gadget and your fridge is full of foodstuffs stored from long time, a critical situation might be arises! Imagine yourself you open your fridge and then you are about to puke. Why? Because your refrigerator is full of the rotten smell of the spoiled food and your nose is full of that smell. Or you go for the crackers you put in the cabinet, but all you get is garbage. Well, now the question is “why did it happen”?

Well what happens is sometimes we go for buying a lot of groceries one time, OR we go overboard when we see some sales or discounts. We come back home, and place them in the cabinets or in the fridge without placing in proper containers.

Now because we have left food and groceries without sealing, that oxygen present in the air act as a catalyst and starts oxidizing the food. Due to which the process of food spoilage speeds up. In a few days our extra shopping gets ruined. We weren’t even able to have a bite of the things we bought. Now how we can stop this?

What is the role of the best food vacuum sealer?

Here comes the important role of the vacuum sealers for food. Vacuum sealer best food saver machines are tools that seal up your food into containers or the plastic bag. It sucks out all the air before sealing so that your food remains fresh.

This sealing machine for food triple up the shelf life of the food, whether it is frozen or dry and lets you enjoy the food the way you want.

Now there is a lot of food vacuum sealer machines present in the market, so how do we know which are the best Vacuum sealer machines? No need to worry we are here to give you a rundown on the best vacuum sealers for food that you will not be disappointed with. 

So here is the list of the top 5 best food vacuum sealer for you! Before that go through the buying guide to choose the best food vacuum sealer.

Buying Guide for the Vacuum Sealer Machine

While buying for the best vacuum sealer for food you should consider following features:

Type of the sealers

An important feature that you should consider while buying the vacuum food seal machine is to determine the type. Some vacuum sealer machine is best in handling the meat while the other is good with fruits or veggie. So it is best to know what type it is and what you want to go for.

Some vacuum food sealers offer all the variety in one, but then you know quality does not come cheap, so they are a little bit expensive.

Design of the sealers

Another essential factor that you need to consider is the design of the vacuum food sealer machine. And this is also a necessary factor as it will help you buy the type you want. The sealers are of three types, that is:

  • Chamber
  • External
  • Handheld

All these designs have useful features along with some shortcomings. It will depend upon how much you use a sealer. Each has different work tolerance, so before buying do check that out.

Easy to Carry

Portability is also an essential feature of best vacuum sealers as you sometimes have to take these sealers with you at some trips or other places. You may want every lightweight sealer for that but do keep in mind they can compromise on quality.

On the other hand, if your sealer is too massive, that is also annoying so see what suits you or your kitchen.

Aside from that always look for the material as it will indicate is it of high quality and easy to clean. We will recommend you go for the stainless steel ones.

Sealing Quality

Another important feature and the indicator of the best food Vacuum sealer machine is the sealing quality. In a high-quality sealer, the heat bar and the vacuum strength work side by side to seal the food properly. Some cheap sealers do not provide this property and hence the sealing if the bag is not done rightly resulting in the spoiling of food.

Vacuum Quality

Vacuum power of every sealer is different. Some vacuum sealer evacuates all the air in one go while some use pulse method to suck the air out. The pulse feature allows you to vacuum the air by hand slowly. This is a great feature for some food items but not the best for all the type of food as some may need a full suction. So its always better to complete research what type suits you and what are the items that are common in your meal.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean is also a vital option as some sealers are challenging to clean. The best ones are those that come with the removable drip tray and seal bars because they are more accessible to cleans and sanitize.

Extra Features

Some food vacuum sealing machines along with the main features also offers some additional features like LED indicators or adjustable vacuum strength or pressure gauges do that you can monitor the sealing. These features come in the sealers that are high end. So if you are someone who is looking for features like that, then you can also go for the extra quality offering sealers.

1. Joerid Upgraded Vacuum Sealers for Food

The thing about this machine is it retains the quality of the food 7x longer than the other sealer machines and reduces all the chance of freezer burns. It keeps the food moist free and keeps it in the same quality by sucking all the air and moisture by the help of its powerful sucking machine.

 This a total multi-mode machine as it ha the 3 selectable modes one is the Moist and dry mode AND the other one is the Gentle & normal mode. You can select the mode according to the food you are about to seal.

Then the other two modes, the stop function further control pressure of the sealing and the seal function seal the bag as quickly in about 12 seconds. This machine gives you the advantage of controlling the sealing, and you can stop at any time during the sealing process where you feel like it.

This is low noise and low vibration machine. Hence, no irritation during the operation and is a very convenient machine as you can set it anywhere in the kitchen or you can put it in any cabinet after the use, and it will fit easily. It has the safety lock design that keeps the sealer locks while it in the process of sealing your machine, making it safe to use the device.

Pros Cons
Convenient and safe to use Not suitable for heavy working
Multi-mode machine
Full control over the sealing process.
Low noise and compact
Keeps your food fresh 7x longer

2. Vcloo Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation

This is a very slim and compact black in a colour vacuum sealer machine that is very easy to operate. The easy to use vacuum window lets you control where you want to seal, and the LED indicators on it guide you through the whole process. You need to push the digital touch buttons on it, and it will suck out all the air that causes the food spoilage and freezer burns.

Gives you two selectable modes that you can control with one button. Press the vacuum and seal for an automatic vacuum operation in 5-8 seconds, or you can press the seal only option. Seal the only option is best if you want to pack the other accessories like those that are not the food items example jewellery or any other collection. So it is a multi-tasker sealer vacuum machine.

It gives you an optimal level sealing as the heat bars are equipped with the dual heating seal strips that ensure that you get an exceptionally high-quality sealing. It keeps your food fresh 5x longer than the other regular-sized vacuum bag sealer for food on the market.

As for the cleaning part, this has a separated design which means you can efficiently operate its parts and clean it, which makes it a versatile machine. It is a guaranteed, safe to use the device as every product of the Vcloo food sealer machine undergoes individual testing to ensure the quality of the products.

Pros Cons
The versatile and simplistic design Not suitable to seal something wet or liquid in a bag
Optimal and precise sealing
Suitable for any kitchen either small or large
Easy to carry as made up of lightweight material
Lets you control the sealing process

3. GERYON Vacuum Sealer for Food

This sleek and modern design sealer equipped with all the essential features is set to give you the best performance by sealing your food bags properly and keeping them fresh.

The system of the Geryon sealer machine for food is the multi-layer system which works with the specific types of bags. This machine removes all the air very efficiently by using its multi-layer heat system, and the seal quality is high. It is an economical option as compare to the other high end. It gives you the quality if the high wend in a low budget and preserve your food.

This fully automatic food sealer machine comes with the digital touch buttons and LED indicators to guide you through the sealing process. It gives you a user-friendly experience.

Aside from that, this machine offers you two sealing modes option that you can select according to the food you are packing. This is a separated design machine so cleaning it is effortless as you can easily remove the upper lid to clean the machine. Easy to store and is compatible with the 12 width bags and rolls.

Pros Cons
Sleek and modern design vacuum seal machine Can’t handle bulk work easily
Multi-layer system
Compact and space-savvy
User-friendly experience
Tow sealing modes

4. Food Saver 31161366 Vacuum Food Sealer

Here we have another Food Saver Vacuum food sealer on our list as Foodsaver is quite a famous brand in terms of Vacuum sealers. This 31161366 model is another very compact sealer as compared to the other regular-sized food savers on the market. It almost saves you 50% more space and is portable and lightweight so even if you have to carry it with you somewhere you can pack it with you.

This silver and black coloured model features the same type of sealing power as the other full-sized Foodsaver food vacuum sealer. It is effortless to use the machine as it has a straightforward layout and intuitive panel for greater efficiency. 

Equipped with powerful vacuum technology, all the oxygen present in the bag and will seal the bag tightly. Moreover, the bag alignment in this is very easy so you can quickly line up the bag and this will close up your bag in a precise way.

This vacuum seal machine is compatible with the Foodsaver vacuum 8” inch seal roll, 1-pint vacuum seal bag and also works with the foodsaver zipper bags and the containers.

Pros Cons
Compact sealing power is like the regular sized ones Suction can’t handle bulk work
Easy to bag alignment makes working with it easier
easy to use no prior experience needed
A durable option

5. Foodsaver V4400 2-In-1 Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

Last but not the least, Foodsaver V4400 Vacuum sealer machine. With a lot of reviews and stars on Amazon!

Made up of high-quality material this durable machine is best for increasing the durability of your food. Compact in size and easy to handle, you can put this anywhere in your kitchen.

Its automatic bag detection feature that makes your sealing work easy. Just put the bag in its vacuum chamber, and the rest is the machine’s work.

Smart moisture detection technology switches itself to the correct mode so that it can seal the food effectively. There is no moisture or air present so this is a very effective vacuum food bag sealer.

It has the built-in roll storage and cutter that will let you control the bag sizes. Easily customized the bags according as per requirement. Come with a warranty of 5 years. Again this is a safe dishwasher product, so it is effortless to clean product.

It is compatible with all pre-made bag sizes, zipper bags, containers and the quick marinators.

Pros Cons
Crush free setting keeps the delicate food intact Not suitable for bulk sealing
Marinate mode is quick and efficient in working
Automatic bag detection technology
Built-in roll storage

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