Which are the Best Electric Kettles for your Tea and Coffee?

While making a tea or boiling water on the stovetop kettles is a fun and traditional way. You can also not deny the importance of the Electric Kettles. And for that, we have put together this guide of the best electric kettle for your tea and coffee.

Electric kettles are quite an in-demand these days. As these electric kettles not only are convenient but are also fast working with saves time. You get boiled water or water for your tea or coffee in a few minutes.

While over the stove tea kettles do take a lot of time, and you have also been careful to not burn yourself.

While there is a lot of variety in the market, you have to choose one of them, and this can be confusing as we do not know which one is the top-rated electric kettles.

And for that not only we have put together a list of best electric kettles but also a comprehensive buying guide for you.

So keep on reading to choose the best electric kettle for yourself.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Kettle

Before you choose for yourself what is the best electric kettle for you do keep in mind some factor so that you are spare for any inconvenience in future.

Variety of Features

If you go for buying an electric kettle you will find most of them quite simple. Simple switch kettles no other features.

But the best electric kettles come with a variety of features. They will provide you with various features like temperature control, preset or auto-shutoff and many many more.

So if you want a top-rated electric kettle then go for those that provide a lot of features.


Modern electric kettles not only come with a lot of features but with various design to compliment the modern kitchens. Some have minimalistic designs, and some have over the top ones.

Before buying, it is best to keep in mind your kitchen style. And then go for buying so that the electric kettle you are buying matches your kitchen style.

Material of the Kettle

Electric kettles mostly comes in 3 materials that are glass, plastic and stainless steel. Each has different price ranges and different looks.

The material of the kettle also adds to its weight. And then if we talk about aesthetic each provide a different type of look to your kitchen. Check on which one is in your budget and which will give you the kitchen a pleasing look.


You can get different size ranges in the market. Buying an electric kettle also depends upon your household and how often are going to use it.

Large electric kettles mostly are suitable for the more significant household but if you are someone who just one a cup of tea or coffee twice and thrice a day. Then go for the small ones.

Extensive options are most suitable if you have to brew coffee or make tea for several people.

Temperature Range

Different teas and coffee require different temperature. So it is suitable to go with the best temperature control electric kettles.

You need booing hot water for black tea whereas the green tea needs just below boiling one. Also when we go for brewing coffee, we need a different temperature. So go for the electric hot water kettles that offers you various ranges of temperature settings.


You are buying an electric hot water kettle to speed up your morning routine. Or to get a fresh cup of tea or coffee in no time. So checking the speed of the kettle is also a must factor.

You do not want to stand there waiting for minutes to boil the water. And then how can a kettle be best electric kettle when it cannot boil water in just a few minutes?

1.AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Kettle 1 Liter

Number one candidate on our list of Best electric kettles is the Amazon Basic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. With simplistic features and minimalistic looks, this one is for those who are looking for something basic

This 1-litre capacity electric kettles have a stainless steel finish and are compact to fit at any place. It is not an over the top model and not to complicate to operate. It is a fast performing kettle with the 1500 watts power.

For convenient operation, it has a 30-inch power cord that lets you switch it anywhere and wherever you want. Aside from that, it has the cord wrap feature that enables you to wrap the cord to the bottom. So no hassling with the cords and wires.

Automatic shut off feature is a safety feature associated with the boil dry feature so that you get spared from any damage. It also has a see-through water window that let’s check the water levels. You can fill the water levels up to your desired level with the help of the water window.

Cleaning is easy as you can easily remove the water filter and clean it precisely.

Pros Cons
Auto shut off feature The water window is of plastic material
Easy to clean
Faster boiling of water
A flexible cord that lets you switch it anywhere
Compact and easy to handle

2. COSORI Electric Glass Kettle 1.7 Liters

Are you looking for something stylish? No Problem. We have something for you. The COSORI Kettle is the best electric glass kettle for you.

With its modern design, glass body and stainless steel finish this one is going to compliment your kitchen. It is made up of high quality borosilicate glass that is scratch resistant and made to last long.

No plastic involved so anyone who does not like plastic then you can go for this one.

Aside from the stylish design, this one also features the STRIX thermostat technology with the auto shut off. The water boiling is fast only takes 3-7m mutes, and you have water ready.

The auto shut off features handy as it shuts off the kettle in 30 seconds after the water boils. It is a glass kettle so you can easily see the water levels and the boiling of water. So you can also shut it off when your water boiled to your desired level.

The cord is on the base, and there are no cors with the kettle. So it is entirely cordless off the base. So you do not need to worry about the cord daggling with it.

Its wide-mouth makes the cleaning easy, and you can easily access inside any part that you think needs cleaning.

Pros Cons
Energy-efficient operation Glass material needs extra care
The sturdy and tough glass body
Lid made of stainless steel
See-through so you can fill it precisely
Fast boiling power
Cleaning is easy and effortless

3. Ovente 1.7 Liters Electric Hot Water Kettle

Ovente hot water electric kettle is the kettle with different colours. This one is the fast boiling made up of high-quality plastic. It is a suitable choice for college students or those who are always in a hurry as it boils the water in a flash.

The boiling time is even more good as it boils a full pot of water on 6 minutes.  With this model no wastage for gas like the stovetop and no wasting of electricity.

Keeping in mind the safety of its consumers, this electric hot water kettle is BPA free. So no harmful toxins are mixed during the boiling of the water. You get the cleanest water for drinking or other tasks.

This electric hot water kettle designed to last longer and is durable with different colours. So you can get the colour you like. Also, this comes with the two years warranty, so if any issue you can contact the customer support.

Pros Cons
Durable option with simplistic looks Made of plastic material
Available in variety of colors
BPA Free
Fast boiling capacity
Auto shut off feature
Two years warranty

4. Miroco Double Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Glossy looks and modern features the Miroco Stainless steel electric kettle is a go-to one for those hourglass looking kitchens. The stainless steel body is double-walled to give you the best boiling experience.

The unique double-wall feature of this electric kettle s made up of PP material that is further called with the stainless steel to give the interior more durability. Also, this double wall system provides more safety to the user and save you from getting burnt.

This electric hot water kettle s BPA free to give you  100% hygienic and toxin-free water. The spout of the kettle is wide for easy pouring, and the lid is wide for precise filling.

The capacity of this kettle s 1.5 litres with 1500 watt power which gives you almost 8 cups in one pot and the boiling time is 5-7 minutes.

So go ahead prepare your hot cocoa, tea or brew coffee and have a relaxing time with the hot beverage.

Pros Cons
Easy filling and pouring No window to check the water level
BPA free clean and hygienic water for daily task or cooking
Less boiling time and auto shut off
Glossy and stan less steel finish
Available in 2 colors
Double-wall for more safety and prevent any damage

5. MEISON Electric Kettle 1.5 Liters

We have another double-walled Electric Kettle on our list of best electric kettles. This Meison is a double-walled stainless steel finish kettle with a beautiful sky blue colour.

An energy-efficient model with auto shut off feature saves you from any energy wastage. The inner sidelined with the food-safe stainless steel with the rim, and the lid also lined.

The double-wall not only boils faster but also keeps the water warm for overtime as it does not let the heat dissipate out.

100% BPA free feature gives you clean, hygiene and toxic-free boiling experience.

The boil-dry feature prevents any damage as it detects that there is no water, so it activates shut off mode.

Cleaning is effortless as due to its wide mouth you can get access to the inside and can easily clean it. Comes with a two year of warranty.

Pros Cons
Beautiful Elegant colour No window to check water level
Effortless cleaning
No plastic used in the manufacturing
Boil-dry feature for safety and preventing any
damage due to the empty kettle
Heating surface concealed
Cordless operation

6. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Kettle

If you are looking for bigger capacity, then Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is the option for you. This is a three-litre capacity kettle with the concealed bottom.

This has 36 inches cord that lets you switch it or set it anywhere you want.

Another unique feature about this electric h0t water kettle is that it has six preset modes. You can choose any mode you want and get the desired boiling effect.

Also, it has a LED-backlit window through which not only you can see the water levels but also the levels indicated in Liters. So you can fill it precisely according to the amount you want.

It also features the auto shut off safety features for better functioning without any damage. The keep-warm feature keeps your water warm so that you do not have to boil it over and over again.

Moreover, if you are not using the unit after 5 minutes, it will go to sleep mode. All the function and the lights will stop. To prevent the wastage of energy.

The Cuisinart Electric kettle comes with three years of limited warranty. So if you have any problems, repairing or replacements you can contact the customer support.

Pros Cons
Six preset modes for versatile choices Higher side of the price
36-inch cord for better set up
BPA free boiling
Blue LED indicator lights for a stylish look
Sleep mode saves energy
Three years warranty

7. Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle 1.0 Liters

If you want something, that is modern but with the traditional looks then the Bonavita hot water electric kettle is the answer to your wish. This model is armed with the features of the electric kettle but will give you the older time vibes.

A look of the traditional kettle with the Gooseneck spot this one is made up of stainless steel. Comes with adjustable one-degree increments that is form 60° up to 80°. The power usage by this one is only 1000 watts so we can say that it is an energy-efficient model.

The hold button holds the temperature of about 140-208°F. It keeps the temperature warm up to 60 minutes.

It has the temperature set feature that lets you preset the brewing temperature for time-saving. Comes with the timer that keeps sth track of the time and the brewing process.

Also, it is advised to descale it after some time with a descale powder pf effective cleaning. It will also help in removing the discolourations. Comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Pros Cons
Preset feature for significant brewing Gooseneck cleaning is little bit tricky
Timer for keeping track of time and boiling process
Different temperature increments
Gooseneck spout for better pouring
Adjustable 1-degree increments

8. BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Tea Kettle

A mix of modernity with a traditional home-style look we have the BELLA 1.2 litre hot water kettle as our final product in the best electric kettles list. Available in different designs to give you a variety for your kitchen.

A fully detachable 360° plate and a usage of 1200 watt it b0ils water safer than a stovetop. The heating element is concealed with the auto shut off and boil dry feature to provide you with maximum safety.

For pouring purpose, a gooseneck introduced to give you a mess-free experience.

As for the capacity, it is available in 4 different degrees. So you can choose according to your household capacity. Go ahead and make any dish, beverage or takes with this versatile and elegant looking BELLA hot water ceramic electric kettle.

Pros Cons
Gooseneck for clean and mess-free pouring Ceramic is never 100% lead free
A mix of modern and older features and looks
Boil water safety with auto-shut off and boil dry feature

Final verdict on the best electric kettles

Finding the perfect and best electric kettle is not an easy task to do. You have to check for a lot of things before investing in hot water electric kettle. But we tried to simplify the task for you.

All the above recommended are the top-rated electric kettles that not only provide the best features but are also easy to use. Checking the above reviews on the electric kettles will be helpful for you to decide which you should go for. So now you are done reading on to the internet and find the best electric kettles for yourself to satisfy your cravings for hot beverages.

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