Get the Best Oil Fryer for your Dream Kitchen

The modern era of information technology and innovation making the life of human being more comfortable. Kitchen gadgets are also getting more innovative day by day. When it comes to delicious food, frying the food items adds up and additional flavor and texture to your food. Frying the food in the best oil fryer makes it crispy from outside and juicy from the inside.

By Frying the food in the best oil fryer your food become crispier on the outer sides by removing the moisture on the surface. Frying also remove all the bacterias and make your serving hygienic. With the proper technique and appliances, you can reduce the oil adsorbed on the surface, making it healthier.

There are few factors you must keep in mind while frying your food. Quantity of oil and optimal temperature is the key to cook your food perfectly fried. With the help of the best oil fryer you can achieve a perfection in cooking.

A Buying Guide to grab the Best oil fryer

There are some important features and parameters you can consider before finalize your deep fryer purchase.


Conventional deep fryers have a huge safety concern as the oil splash and could burn the skin, while there was no mechanism to determine the temperature within the fryer. These modern deep fryers will let you adjust the temperature, and cooking time. Each of the fryers is made keeping in mind the safety concerns during deep frying. The outside is made of insulating material so that you can not burn yourself accidentally touching it.


Due to their unique size and dimensions, they can be stored anywhere within the kitchen. They took less space than conventional deep fryers.While some of them are also lightweight so that you can carry them with you if you are planning for a party or traveling.

Ease of Cleaning

The kitchen appliances are the most used items in our daily life, and if you have guests arrived, then things can get messy.These fryers are easy to clean and most of them are detachable. You can easily detach it parts then clean each part and inside easily. It is essential to keep your fryer clean after using it so that it could last longer and keeps the flavor of the food uniform. At the same time, leaving it for a while make it greasy and smelly.

The number of baskets and size

Each fryer varies with size and capacity. The oil capability of each fryer is also different depending upon the model. These all dryers are of different sizes, so depending upon your servings, you can select the suitable size. The number of baskets also varies from the lowest one to the highest three.

Oil disposal or Reuse

When talking about deep frying, we make sure the food we are cooking is fully submerged within oil. Usually, food to oil ratios is 1 by 3. A large quantity of oil is required while deep-frying the food. Most of the deep fryers in this list have the capability to reuse the oil, but one among them has some unique feature, which will let you filter the oil so that you can use it for other purposes as well.

Wattage and Temperature

Most of the fryers operate within 1200 to 2200 watts range. High wattage heats the interior of fryers quickly. Once they reach the desired temperature, the heating is stopped.

The temperature for deep frying is also crucial. These deep fryers have the perfect temperature range of around 350oF to 500oF, which is best for deep frying temperature. At the same time, the temperature control of the fryer helps you in adjust the temperature accordingly.

1. T fal Deep Fryer with Basket FR80000

This T-fal deep fryer is a best deep fryer for home with some fantastic features to make your frying smooth and better. 

Features: Its interior is made of high-grade stainless steel that is durable enough to be used for decades, with an Aluminum cover that gives it a shiny and beautiful look. With high-quality copper for the heating element and highly inert plastic for the basket, it is the Best oil fryerIt is durable and long-lasting for years. 

This 12.4 pounds appliance is easy to carry and transport. This deep fryer is easy to clean as its washable parts can be detached and washed correctly. This deep fryer with oil filtration mechanism can easily filter the oil. 

It has an innovative and patented “EZ clean oil filtration system.” With its high-grade mesh wire as a filter, it can filter out a wide range of food remains. When the oil is cool enough, switch it to the filtration mood, and it will filter oil and store it in a plastic basket below the main compartment. Cleaned and filtered oil can be used up to 5 cycles.  

Specifications: With the capacity of little less than 1 gallon(3.5 liters of oil) and up to 2.5 pounds of food, operates on up to 1700 watt. Due to its large capacity, it can cook food for the whole with ease. 

You can detach it easily for cleaning purpose, and its non sticky surface will provide you a quality meal whenever you want. due to its multitasking and universal nature can be used to fry almost anything, like; fish, meat, fries, and vegetables.

Pros Cons
Unique oil filtration system Sometimes have difficulty to reach the highest temperature claimed
Large capacity
Dishwasher safe with removable parts

2. Cuisinart Quart Deep Fryer

Features: This multitasking fryer can make your cooking easy and less messy. Its fully insulated plastic handles are cool enough and ease your grip. It can be used to fry meat, chicken and many other things with great ease.

With its durable materials, accessible design, and practicality in operations, it is one of the best oil fryers to have at your home, restaurant, café, or other places.

It is made of high-grade stainless steel and plastic. Its high heat resistant plastic makes handles, knob, and other components durable. Plastic is durable enough that do not melt, discolor, or tarnish for decades.

Specifications: With about 8.30 pounds in weight and 12 x 15.25 x 14 inches of dimension it is easy to shift from one place to another

It has a removable oil container with a volume of frying up to 3.25 oil and cook up to 1.7 pounds of food these features make it best deep fryer for home.

Modern digital timer and temperature control not only helps you in precise frying but also give it a trendy looks. It works on fast heat-up technology. With a high heat recovery system, it is economical.

Pros Cons
1800-watt power with fast heat-up and heat recovery Oil Doesn’t heat up to the highest temperature
60 minute digital timer
Heavy mesh frying basket

3. Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer

Presto-05466 is a best oil fryer when you are looking for a deep fryer that is easy to operate and save your time and energy.

Features: It is made from durable stainless steel, whereas some of its parts are made from cast iron. Its plastic handles are durable and highly heat resistant. It can fry your food with ease and perfection. It has two baskets within it.

You can simultaneously cook different food items at same time, with great ease. It is one of the best Deep fryer for home. its heating compartment and internal elements can be easily removed for cleaning. Its easy to clean and assemble. It works on fast heating and fast heat recovery. You can fry food quickly, along with saving your time.

Specifications: With dimension of 14.18x 14.75×10.75 inches and a capacity of up to 12 cups of food, It weighs about 10.7 pounds.

It has got very comfortable handles and a cover with a spatter-shield that will provide you shield against the splashing of hot oil. While it does not produce any smoke or give off the smell of food throughout the house. this deep fryer is easy to clean.

Pros Cons
Dual basket for quick cooking No oil filtration system integrated
Oblong-shaped baskets fit large pieces of food
Parts are detectable and dishwasher safe

4. Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

With the advancement in technology, things are being safe, easy, and comfortable. This Hamilton beach cool fryer is one the modern best oil fryer made to make your cooking easy and safe.

Features: It has modern cool touch sides that saves you from accidental burns. It has lights that notify your temperature and power. You can enjoy watching your food cooking from the window provided. As you can observe from the window, you don’t need to open the cover. Thus it reduces the risk of splashing or burn which makes it a best at home deep fryer. Its highly sealed upper lid saves you from any of splashing.

With its cool touch side, it can easily be managed. Its basket with a highly insulting plastic handle allows you to handle and transfer fried food with great ease. This is easy to clean deep fryer and there are no chances of rusting during washing

Specifications: Despite of its compact size 13.13×11.38×8.58 inches and low weight it can hold two liters of oil. It can provide heat up to 375 °F fit for deep frying. This deep fryer with basket will make your frying experience much better than usual fryers.

Pros Cons
Cooking monitor window No integrated oil filtration system available.
Insulated cool touch sides
 Removable lid, heating element, and enamel-coated oil tank to allow for easy cleanup.

5. Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Modern kitchens needed modern stuff to look cooler and attractive for the guests. The stuff nowadays is made keeping in mind the needs of people, easy to use, easy to handle, and safe.

Women know the troubles they face during deep frying. They accidentally can hurt themselves while splashing of oil and handling of food during deep frying at home. Every kitchen is desired to have a stylish, portable, and durable fryer.

Portable and straightforward fryer are always needed at home, as can be carry them if you are going for picnic, party or to the farmhouse. Presto-05420 is a simple, durable, and portable; best oil fryer is a good option for your kitchen.

Features: High-grade Aluminum alloy and thermal shock resistant material makes it durable and withstand scratches, erosion, and wears. It has a built-in carrier which makes it handy.

With its 3 pounds of low weight, it is easier to carry and manage. Its carrier belt is fully insulated and can be handled easily. The soft bottom does not makes any scratches on the contacting surface.

Specifications: Dimensions of approximately 8.38×8.13x.38 inches, makes it to cook anything with ease. With the capacity to cook about 4 cups of food at a time, Its automatic temperature control gives you freedom.

With four cups of oil capacity It uses just the right amount of oil needed. After cooking remaining oil stored inside and can be used again.

Pros Cons
Oil storage for next use Plastic lid which can be used only when the fryer is cool
Automatic temperature control
Compact design useful for outing
Easy to clean nonstick material

6. Secura Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Secura triple basket electrical oil deep fryer is made for frying three different types of food at the same time, hence saving energy and time.

Features: It has a timer and temperature controller. Time can be set up to 60 minutes and automatically will operate with great precision. It has an upper window to look at cooking food without opening the cover which saves you from hot oil splashing while opening the lid frequently to monitor food.

Its side-mounted holders are highly insulated which makes it easy to handle. It is made of high grade stainless steel. It can withstand every thermal shock within operating range. Its meshes and covers and holders are made with high-quality materials and design. These all features make it a best in home deep fryer.

Specifications: With 1700 watt power and dimensions of approximately 15.50×14.50 x 9.50 inches it can accommodate up to 4 liters of oil. Due to its high capacity, this deep fryer with baskets, fry a large amount of food quickly. It has got three baskets, two small ones, and one big. You can fry two different types of foods in smaller quantities using the two small baskets or make a larger quantity of fries in the large basket.

Pros Cons
Three basket makes it more convenient No dispenser for oil removal
Handy baskets for different foods
Adjustable thermostat up to 375° F with 60 minutes timer
Carbon activated filter

7. Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Pot

When it comes to frying bulk amount of food, a simple fryer is always needed. This deep dryer comes with a good capacity to fry your food in a single time with great ease.

Features: It is made of high grade stainless steel. and highly insulated. It is riveted with highly compatible Japanese system, hence making its all the components durable, strong and long lasting. Its riveted handles are very insulted and easy to handle.

With design of easy grip this can be handled very comfortably. It’s all parts are easily removable and easily cleanable. After detaching its upper parts, oil can be easily transferred out. Its non-sticky surface keeps food debris and oil away from and allows you to clean easily.

Due to its simple design with wide diameter, it can cook almost any type of food quickly, hence making is one of the best deep fryers for the home.

Specifications: It comes with 9.96 x 8.58 x 4.29 inches of dimensions with a diameter of approximately 7.9 inches at the center. Due to its large diameter it can accumulate and fry large pieces food with ease which makes it a best oil fryer.

Pros Cons
Simple and no maintenance Need to monitor temperature manually
Suitable for large size of food pieces Not splash proof
Easy to clean

8. Presto Dual Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

Technology overcomes everything. People demand feasibility in every manner conventional fryers were hard to handle and depending on the old heat sources, without any safety. The old problems require modern solutions. Presto electric deep fryers for home is the need for this era.

Features: Usually, food stuck to a conventional household pan, but now this is not a problem for deep fryers because this dual daddy electric deep fryer has a nonstick surface inside. The deep fryer has two separate portions that can cook different things once at a time.

Specifications: Its elegant black look having a weight of 5.7 pounds and a dimension of 15.3 10.5 9.5 inches. This deep fryer is easy to carry anywhere like picnic and Barbecue parties.  Deep fryer depends on the electric source, which paves a way to easiness.

The temperature of the oil in a deep fryer is maintained automatically. There is no longer a need to watch or set manually. It also has the capacity of around 8 cups oil, an ample amount of food can be cooked within a short period. Snap-on lid store the remaining oil and can be reused for some other time.  Oil in a deep fryer heated within fifteen minutes with stable temperature this is a best oil fryer to be used at home.

Pros Cons
Dual compartment Made up of aluminium
Automatic temperature control
Easy to clean and low maintenance

9. Non-Stick Potable Kitchen Mini Deep Fryer

Conventional fryers don’t have any thermometer, and it usually causes problems for women they don’t know whether the oil is heated or exceeded the limit, which some times ruin the meal. 

If you have confined space and love the delicious, yummy fried food. The mini deep fryer is the best option for deep frying at home.

Features: Japanese style arc-shaped handle is very efficient to use so you can carry a mini deep fryer safe and sound. The oil used in a mini deep fryer can be used effectively, based on the number of ingredients. The strainer soaked the oil from the cooked food. Easy to clean and wash every part of the mini deep fryer. It also has the removable lid. It is safe to use and a best fryer oil which your spouse will surely love to have.

Specifications: with the dimensions of 11.81 x 8.66 x 4.72 inches, it allows the deep frying by increasing the surface for oil filter rack.it also has a thermometer to watch the temperature. Food doesn’t stick with its inner layer due to its nonstick surface inside. The exquisite shape and efficient working of this new generation fryer fulfill the demand of the customer.

Pros Cons
Efficient oil usage No temperature control feature
Easy to clean and maintain
Non stick material

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