Best Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser for your Kitchen

Wall-mounted cereal dispensers are now quite famous in the market. But a lot of people think why do they need a wall-mounted cereal dispenser? When they can take out the cereal form the box and make the bowl.

Well, then we also pretty sure you would also have experienced the war zone we share while making a cereal bowl. Yeah, the mess we are talking about. And afterwards, the cleaning that you have to do.

And this is why we need a wall mounted cereal dispenser.

A lovely fresh bowl of cereal is everyone’s liking without creating a mess on the counters. And obviously, a lot of us in the morning is n a hurry to reach our office or the university.

Wouldnt that be easy to take a bowl, push the dispenser for the cereal and pour milk and you’re done. Instead of you go for the box. Some time you pour way more and some times while adding in the bowl you also pour it n the counter.

And then the extra cleaning you have to do.

So for that, we have structure a full guide to let you know what is the best option out there for the wall mount cereal dispenser. What people go for more and how they are suitable for you. So let’s begin..

Buying Guide for Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser

Before you jump on the internet or go out for buying wall cereal dispenser, please do keep some factors in mind so that it would beneficial for you while purchasing. In the way, you will not be confused between the products.

The material of the Canister

Before buying the cereal dispenser do check what the material is. The wall mounts cereal dispensers are available in different materials.

For instance, glass, stainless steel, plastic these are the most common materials as the material is the thing that also determines the quality of the dispenser. And how durable it is.

So check for the reliability of the materials and then go for the buying option.

The capacity of the Dispenser

Capacity of the dispenser is also essential to consider. Because if you are a big family then having a large cereal dispenser would be a better choice. As it, can store more amount, so you do not have to keep on filling the dispenser.

But if you are a small family, then you should go for the small-sized wall cereal dispenser.


There is are a lot of options you get regarding the number of canisters you get. Some are triple cereal dispenser, or some are double. Some may come in more numbers.

The dispensers are having more options are a little pricier than the small number of ones. If you go for the large one along with the cereals, you can also add other dry foods in them.

Ease of use

Easy operation is also an important point to consider. You do not want something too hard to push to get the right amount of cereal. A cereal dispenser use livers and the livers should be gentle to push.

1.Mind Reader Metal Triple Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser

Mind Reader Triple Cereal Dispenser is the best choice if you are looking for more effective options. This Cereal dispenser s a suitable choice for bigger households or houses having a lot of children’s or member.

You can either make it a wall mounted cereal dispenser or over the counter one, it is your choice. This cereal dispenser gives you the three canister options for effective storage of any of the dry food.

So whether it is cereal, nuts, salt, coffee or any spice you want to have stored nicely, this can be your partner. No need to touch the food or make your hands messy when you can get the desired amount with one rotation.

Moreover, this set has triple cereal dispenser with the portion control capability. So you get one once of food per twisting of the lever. In this way, your food is not waste, and you can increase the amount as you want.

Also, it can store 32 cups of cereal and keeps it fresh with its perfect sealing feature. The food remains new for the designated amount of time the dispenser has mentioned in its manual.

A beneficial and storage savvy options as you can save a lot of space that has otherwise been cluttered with different cereal boxes or with other different fey food containers.

Construction of this dispenser is also noted worthy. Has a sturdy plastic structure with a massive metal base to give it a robust look. Aside from that, it is lightweight and has an anti shift base to keep the container from slipping or skidding with just one push.

Cleaning is like a breeze as it is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can separate the parts clean it the way you want and assemble it again.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and lightweight construction for easy wall mounting No such cons
Three dispensers for effective food storage
Portion control capability for preventing the food wastage
Can store up to 32 cups of any dry food
Easy to use

2. Zevro Indispensable Professional Dry Food Dispenser

If you are a student or someone how lives alone, the Zevro Stainless Steel cereal dispenser can be your go-to choice. This is a single canister dispenser that is the best option for a small household and is on the affordable side.

Available in 3 different colours with an excellent stainless steel finish it is the type that will complement any kitchen. The dispenser can withhold about 1175 ounces of the food.

Gives you a germ-free and fresh cereal bowl without over pouring the cereal. A perfect and controlled portion every time you push the Knob.

A metallic powder-coated stainless steel; finish that is resistant to any stain and smudge-proof. Cleaning is no difficulty. The sealing feature the cereal dispenser is the best part as it keeps the food fresh and crisp for 45 days. So you can get good fresh and stale free food.

A shatterproof construction that makes it a compatible for both the wall-mounted cereal dispenser and over the counter cereal dispenser. Not only best for any dry food but also for cereal Nuts, Granola, legumes, lentils, canoes anything can be stored with this dispenser.

Pros Cons
Compact and space-savvy design Wide mouth opening so need wide bowl
A modern stainless steel finish for complementing any kitchen
Portion control features to prevent the wastage.
Can store about 17.5 ounces of food
Stores the food for 45 days keeping it fresh and stale free

3. Zevro Indispensable Smart Space Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser

Above we talked about Zevro, but that was a single container cereal dispenser. Here we have the Zevro Smart Space Wall mount cereal dispenser. Another compact and space-saving model but with more options.

This Zevro model contains three very slim and compact cereal dispenser sometimes that are wall-mounted dispensers. Means these are specifically for wall mounting not over the counter ones.

Another unique feature about these dispensers is that they not placed in line. These are the plastic cereal dispensers that made to last longer. All the three dispensers have 13 ounces capacity and store the food for about 45 days.

The sealing property of the containers is potent as it not only stores the food but also prevents it from staling and keeps it fresh. And the portion control knob gives you the right amount of portions and do not make a mess or pouring way to much in one go. You can get more if you want.

All the three cereal dispenser containers pour 1 Oz in one go. And if you are worried that it may fall due to massive size. Then no need to worry as it is constructed to give the quality but at the same time is lightweight so won’t fall off the wall.

Pros Cons
Slim and compact containers Vacuum seal is also not strong enough
Keeps the food in its original state for 45 days
Easy to operate
Easy to clean No special cleaners needed
Portion controlling capability

4. Zevro Indispensable Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Dispenser

Another Zevro option but this time with one less container option. This is another stainless steel cereal dispenser with 13-ounce canister capacity. The good thing about these dispensers is that you can promote self independence in your children

Your children can easily feed themselves, especially when you are not available or busy in something. This one also controls the amount of dry food. It is pouring so that it does not go to waste. The portion control prevents the wastage of food as most of the time we leave the food without finishing it.

So add that much that you can finish. The Knob s the twisting type with the same metallic stainless steel finish and is easy to operate. One twit and you have your cereal in the bowl.

Keeps the food freshness in check and does not let it get soggy. So you can have a crisp and fresh bowl of your dry food—perfect option for personal or commercial use.

Can easily accommodate a full box of cereal or dry nuts for 45 days. So you do not have to hassle with the boxes. Just one time filling and you do not have to worry for 45 days.

Pros Cons
Soft  and flexible Knob Crunches the large size cereal into pieces
Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
Modern look makes it suitable for all kind of kitchens
Freshness last long due to effective sealing
Kids can serve themselves up

5. Milky House Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser Double Container

If you are tight on budget and cannot spend a lot of money, then you can go for the Milky House wall mounted cereal dispenser. This is double canister cereal dispenser, easy to use and easy to clean.

It is a convenient option for both personal and commercial use. More recommended for the singles or dormitories.

This is a plastic cereal dispenser and easy to install. You can install it on any wall. You can fill it even after the installation. Just remove the upper seal and fill it up.

Another good thing that it retains the freshness of the food not only through its seal mechanism, but also you can attach 2 cups at the bottom to keep it fresher. The dispenser can keep the food fresh for about 45 days.

Whenever you want a bowl to remove the cup and twits the Knob, the knob works buy twisting mechanism, and in one twist you get 1 ounce of the cereal or any dry food you have put in the dispenser.

Cleaning this one is also no science. You have to remove the deals and the knobs. Then rinse and clean it with any standard cleaner.

This is not only for a cereal you can put granolas, candies, any dry spices, oatmeals, Rice, coffee beans or pasta. It is compatible with any dry food.

Pros Cons
Compatible with all types of dry foods While dispensing the food, the cereal or anything delicate or little gets crushed.
Comes with wall Fixators
Rotatory switch for pouring food
Comes with set Screws
Warranty of 180 days

6. Saladulce Triple Wall Mounted Dispenser

Ana the last one we have is the Saladulce wall mounted cereal dispenser. It is a triple unit made of see-through glass. The glass is good quality and sturdy one so you can be assured of quality.

The good thing about this one is it comes with the wall screws for its installation. You have to screw the screws in the fixator and put the containers inside.

The base is the firm one that can easily hold three containers at a time and that filled with the dry food. The sealing of the box is the effective rubber seal that keeps the moisture or any type air out of the container.

So good thing you get the fresh food, not those stale and crappy one when you keep the dry food in the box.

The Knob is the twisting Knob that is gentle and easy to twist. No extra pressure and one turn your cereal out in the bowl.

 Also, the portion control property does not let the food go to waste. In one twist you get 1 ounce so you can easily control the amount gt the food you want. Easy to clean and effortless to assemble.

You can either wall mount it or either put on the counter and let your kids do the work mess-free and clean.

Pros Cons
Useful sealing property to retain the freshness No such cons found. Quite reasonable to use.
Can easily store one box
You can use containers for any dry food.
The Knob is easy to twist.
Clean and mess-free operation

Final Verdict on Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser

This guide was created to help all of you out there looking for more comfortable and alternative options so that you can have a clean bowl of cereals. Wall-mounted cereal dispensers are not only convenient but also gives you clean operation.

You do not need to keep on wiping your counters every morning just because you were making breakfast bowl for you. And the good thing s that these sare not only for cereals but also for the other dry foods.

So you can quickly fill up the dispensers with your desired dry food. So go ahead check out, decide what suits you and then hope on the laptop or go out to buy the best wall mounted cereal dispenser for yourself.

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