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Mortar and Pestle are an ancient tool which are used in kitchen an well as to dispense medicines. Even though the the science has developed so many machines which can work faster and easier than mortar and pestle but still they have a significant role in our life. Here we will try to find out the best mortar and pestle for sale available online.

For any high tech kitchen blenders and grinders are very important but this ancient hand operated tool is also can not be ignored. Of course it can be time consuming to use it but crushing spices and making raw sauce with the help of this has no match!

This sturdy bowl (the mortar) and heavy club (the pestle) is an amazing combination to make your fresh sauce and grind fresh spices for your dishes. The biggest advantage of Mortar and Pestle is that it does not generate heat during grinding process, due to which nutritious value of ingredients is maintained in powder or raw sauce(chutney).

Buying Guide for Mortar and Pestle for sale available online

As we mention above that this small and interesting tool has no match, and must be available in your dream kitchen. Before you go ahead to buy the best mortar and pestle available for Sale online, some points must be keep in mind.

Material of mortar & pestle

In ancient time there were not much choice for the material but in the present era there are different types of Mortar and Pestles are available for different uses.

Marble and Granite – Stone made mortar and pestle is the most common from ancient time. It is suitable for all types of spices either dry and wet.

The surface should not be porous if your are buying for grinding ant wet material. There are polished stone mortar and pestle available for sale online, you can go for that as a all purpose use. The only disadvantage of stone is that it is heavier than other materials available and somewhat brittle but less as compare to glass and ceramic.

Metal – There are different metals used to make mortar and pestle but the stainless steel m & p is the best to use in kitchen. SS is an inert alloy which doesn’t react to the food ingredients and food remain healthy. Aluminum and iron also used to make mortar and pestle but these are suitable for only dry ingredients.

Wood – M & P made of wood are not as effective as stone one. Stone mortar and pestle can’t crush materials as done by stone due to the smooth surface of wood. Also wood can absorb some liquid so suitable for dry ingredients.

Ceramic and glass – Both are very delicate to handle and generally used by the pharmacist in the pharmacy. For kitchen they are not much useful.

Size and shape

Size is an important aspect must be considered when you are buying a mortar and pestle for your kitchen. It all depends on your requirement and number of family members. It is helpful to keep at-least 2-3 size of M & P for different uses.

A round bowl shape is better as compare to cylindrical shape. In round shape it is easy to apply force evenly and makes it much easier to swirl the pestle to grind anything.

The size of the pestle is also equally important. Too small size for its mortar is a major design defect.

Interior of the Mortar

It should be rough and unpolished interior surface to grind anything easily and fine. The head of the pestle should also have rough surface.

Here we enlisted 9 best mortar and pestle for multipurpose use. Check it out and buy one which fits to your need.

1.ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set – 6 Inch – 2 Cup Capacity

This one of the highest rating(4.8 out of 5) Mortar and Pestle for sale on Amazon. It is made of unpolished heavy granite. With 17 Oz (500 ml) capacity this ChefSofi Mortar and pestle set perfectly pulverize nuts, seeds, ginger root and garlic and make homemade salad dressing.  Effectively releases the full range of essential oils, flavors, and aroma of any ingredient.

Made of granite it is extremely durable and heavy weight. It does not slip during its uses due to its weight. The perfect size pestle makes grinding process smooth and easy without any mess.

Pros Cons
Made of unpolished granite Heavy weight
Size enough for a small family
Easy to clean

2. Tera 18/8 Stainless Steel Mortar & Pestle with Brush

Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel this mortar and pestle not only rustproof but also resistant to damage and corrosion by acidic food ingredients. Can be used for both dry as well as wet food ingredients.

It comes with translucent lid which keep flying debris from making mess, and can have capacity of 8 fluid Oz.

This multipurpose M & P not only goes well with herbs and spices but also helpful to crush medical pills and medicines as it is made of stainless steel does not interact with chemicals.

Solid SS pharma grade pestle is heavy enough to feel comfortable in hand for any grinding process.

Comes with a brush made exclusively for it for easier cleaning process.

Pros Cons
Made of pharma grade stainless steel Base is not made of solid SS
Multipurpose for kitchen and medicine
Rubber anti slip matt at the bottom

3. Kota Japan Marble Mortar & Pestle Stone Grinder

This beautiful piece of mortar and pestle made from genuine natural white marble stone. It’s sturdy design and smooth surface gives required texture to pound spices, nuts, herbs effectively to a fine powder.

Due to nonporous material does not absorb oil and juices of the food ingredients.

1.2 lb. in weight and 4.5” wide, 2.3” deep mortar, and 4.9” long pestle is a must have multipurpose masterpiece for any Kitchen.

Not only using is easy and comfortable but after that washing is also easy. Just rinse with water and dry in air, it will be ready for the next use.

Pros Cons
Strong and beautiful Internal side may discolor with different materials
Dishwasher safe
perfect size for small family

4. Wooden Mortar and Pestle Set with a Lid and Spoon

This high quality attractive and beautiful mortar and pestle set made of environmentally natural bamboo. Bamboo is also durable, non-toxic and hygienic in nature. Its surface is specially treated so it is not easy prone to mildew.

It comes with a spoon and lid, the lid is extremely helpful to prevent the material from being sputtered out during grinding, and the spoon can scoop out the ground material.

Due to bamboo material it is light weight(16.7 ounces) and easy to carry and handle. Its diameter of Approx.4.65 make is suitable for routine grinding of herbs and spices.

Perfect for crushing and grinding ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, coffee beans, vanilla, nut fruit, pepper, chilies, and various spices and herbs, pills, etc.

Pros Cons
Light weight Can develop molds if kept in damp and dark place
Environment friendly
Wide mouth for multipurpose uses

5. GoCraft Wooden Carved Mortar and Pestle 

This is another wooden mortar and pestle but different wood. unlike previous this is made by carving of natural fine quality seasoned mango wood(single block).

Due to Buff Finish on wood it is long lasting and durable than ordinary wood M & P.

With the dimension of 5.4 x 3.9 x 5.5 inches and 15.5 ounces of weight it is extremely easy to handle and uses and it comes with a spoon.

This Handmade Mortar and Pestle is suitable for grinding herbs, spices and kitchen usage.

Pros Cons
Beautifully craved, suitable for gifting Prone to termite attack, must be store it safely
Non-Skid Base
durable and low maintenance

6. Fox Run Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle

This heavy duty cast iron(2.4 pounds) mortar and pestle is not a common one to keep in your kitchen but it is a must have if you are fond of the natural taste of herbs in your kitchen.

Due to its large size(3.9 x 2.6 inch) and heavy duty it is perfect for reducing your herbs in fine powder or paste.

Solid structure and a traditional look add a style to your kitchen.

For cleaning just wash with soap water, rinse and dry. If not in use for long time apply a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Pros Cons
Suitable to reduce hard herbs, spices and dry fruits Pestle is relatively small
Traditional look
Easy to clean and maintenance

7. Maxam Kitchen Utensil Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle

Our another stainless steel mortar pestle is Maxam Kitchen’s wide mouth (5-1/4 inch) mortar and large 6-1/2 inch pestle.

Its double stainless steel construction makes it extremely durable and useful to grind any household herb, spices or pills.

Due to stainless steel body easy to clean as compare to any marble/granite mortar and pestle.

Its dimension is 5 x 5 x 8 inches and weight about 1.4 pounds makes it compact and must have member of your dream kitchen.

Pros Cons
Compact stainless steel body Not for fine grinding
Easy to wash and dishwasher safe
Non-skid bottom

8. Kota Japan Natural Marble Silicone M & P Stone Grinder

This masterpiece is a combination of marble with silicon touch looks beautiful and add a style to your kitchen. made with highest quality granite which retain aroma and flavor of your herbs and spices.

Silicon grip to pestle and below the pestle makes it comfortable in use and non skid simultaneously.

Dimension of Mortar – 5.5” X 3” Outside, 4.4” X 2.5” Inside and Pestle 6” X 1.5” is a proper combination for a small household’s daily need. Non-Porous, Solid Granite, Mortar and Pestle will not Absorb Oils, Spices and Juices. Easy to wash, just rinse and dry.

Pros Cons
Granite body with silicon grip Difficult to remove herbs stain
Anti skid bottom
Non porous solid granite

9. Chef’n Mortar & Pestle -Marble/Anthracite Silicone

Chef’s mortar and pestle which is a traditional kitchen essential with a modern look. Made of fine marble smooth from outside and rough from inside for proper grinding process.

The set comes with a silicon base which not only softens the sound but also prevents slipping while creating spice mixes and sauces. Silicon base also helps for easy mixing from any angle.

With weight around 2.9 pounds and dimension of 4.9 x 4.9 x 6.45 inches this beauty is perfect for grinding fresh herbs and making Pesto, sauces, dips, and more.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and modern look Not much rough from inside
Anti skid silicon bottom
Non porous solid granite

Final verdict on Mortar and Pestle for sale available online

Despite the invention of high tech grinders, mortar and pestle still has no match as flavor and aroma of herbs and spices remain intact in slow grinding in M & P.

If you love to cook food yourself then at lest one mortar and pestle is must for your kitchen. You can surprise your guest by flavor and aroma of your food if you grind your herbs and spices in any best Mortar and Pestle for sale available online.

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