5 Best 13 Gallon White Kitchen Trash Can

It’s the fact that we spend half of our time in the kitchen. And the kitchen is the place that we generate a lot of trash. And for that a good trash can is essential. A 13-gallon white kitchen trash can is the standard choice to go for.

White colour is precisely right to go with because it is to go with every type of kitchen.

 Whether it is for making breakfast, lunch, dinner or for making some snacks or coffees, and while doing that we through a lot of things, whether it is an eggshell to the filter papers of coffee or the different veggies peels all goes in the trash can.

And for that, we should have a giant capacity trash can. Well, the size and the shape of the bin is your choice. But the standard capacity that mostly the people go for is the 13 gallon.

And for that here is a guide put together to give you different trash cans option that is white.

Buying Guide

While buying for the trash cans do keep some essential factors in mind:

Material: Material mostly depends upon what you can afford. The trash cans come in different material. Kitchen trash cans plastic in the material are primarily of less price.

Whereas the kitchen trash cans, stainless steel material are the ones more on the pricey side. But they give a good look and are more reliable.

Price: As we mentioned above, the more the price, the more the features and the quality. Stainless steel considered the best ones but as they are easy to clean and sturdy, but they are a little expensive.

Whereas for the plastic they are more on the cheap side, but they do get a lot of problems. So it is better to see what is your budget then go for buying.

Odour Removal: The excellent quality trash always has some system incorporate din them that does not let the trash odour stay in them.

Odour absorption is essential as you cannot afford to have a smelly trash can in your kitchen burning your nostrils.

Lids: Kitchen trash can with lid is the best choice to go with. As the trash may ben very smelly, and you do not want that smell to spread on the kitchen.

Also, an open kitchen trash can does not look very compelling as you throw different things in them, which can make some horrible mixtures.

Shape: Shape is also an excellent factor to consider. As some kitchens cannot afford colossal trash cans. If you have limited space, then try to go for the ones whose shapes fit in small space. Square or the circle ones are a comfortable fit. But if you go for the taller ones they may not fir in the limited space.

But if you have a more oversized kitchen then choose whatever shape you want.

Below are the detailed reviews for the five best 13-gallon White kitchen trash cans:

1. Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can, White Stainless

The number one candidate on our list of the best 13-gallon white kitchen trash can is this seamless, classy, functional and straightforward Kohler white kitchen trash can.

This rectangular in size kitchen trash can is a foot pedal trash can. The foot paddle is sturdy and tough but gentle at the same time. You do not need to exert way too much force to open. Just one push and its open.

Also, this is a Kitchen trash can with lid. The lid attachment is with high-quality screws. At the same time, it does not make any noise, and you get quite and gentle opening.

This white kitchen trash can made of the stainless steel with a beautiful white finish that is smudge and fingerprint-proof. So even there are some stains, or it needs cleaning juts one wipe, and it is clean.

This rectangular kitchen trash can is fit for any kitchen, and the 13-gallon capacity makes it a perfect go-to choice for any kitchen. It also offers you an interlocking rim that keeps the trash bag locked up n space. So, whenever you are putting trash, it will not slip off its place, and you will not have to wrestle with the bag first.

Moreover, it gives you the lid stay option so you can keep it open while emptying all the contents from the dishes.

Another thing that you need to be careful of is that avoid using cleaners or the abrasives; otherwise, you will lose its elegant finish.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean do not need to vigorous cleaning Kind of a more on the expensive side.
Stay open feature for convenience Also, the finish faints a little with time
Sturdy but easy to open foot paddle
Available in two other colours besides the white one
Fit with any brand 13-gallon trash bags

2. iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Trash Can with Odor Control System Stainless White

The itouches Soft step White kitchen trash can has secured the second number on our list.

This rectangular style kitchen trash can stainless steel in the material will give you 100% features, looks for your kitchen and the convenience. This is also a kitchen trash can with a lid that is gentle and silent while closing.

This is a paddle garbage can, and it does not have the motion sensor. The pedal is soft and ergonomically designed, so you do not need to exert extra force to open the paddle.

The sturdy pedal been designed to last for years and can withstand the 200,000 steps easily.

The stainless-steel white finish is a classy and elegant and modern look. But still, it can fit in contemporary as well as the old-style kitchen. The steel is of high-quality and made to last a long time before you need to change. Also, it has the rubber pad finish at the bottom so that it does not slide off anywhere.

Also, the large kitchen trash can size it a perfect fit for the large kitchens as it has the standard capacity of 13 gallons. Moreover, you do not need to worry for the trash bags at it fits easily with the standard 13-inch trash bags. And the best thing is that it has the bag retainer ability so that your trash bag does not slip off the can.

Last but not least, the odour absorbent feature. You do not want a trash can smelling like rotten trash. As this can be bad and whenever you open the trash can, you are hit with the smell of rotten garbage. Not fascinating right.

This trash can has the odour absorbing capability as it comes with one odour filter includes that neutralizes the smell and keeps your kitchen or home fresh and non-smelly.

Pros Cons
Has a removable plastic bucket to help you clean more efficiently It is more on a high-end side.
Fit with any standard 13-inch bag A little noisy
Odour absorbance filters include
Rubber finish at the bottom to prevent the slipping or skidd in
An ergonomically designed pedal that lasts long

3. iTouchless Sliding Lid Touchless Sensor Trash Can Steel – White

itouchless is a brand that has been in the kitchen trash can market for a long time. And has been providing some of the best quality trash cans. Here we have another itoucless sliding white Kitchen trash can. This one is a little different from others.

It is a slim and compact design kitchen trash can to fit into any designated space. Also, it is armed with the new and latest tech, so to give you a more modern experience.

It is safe and hygienic-to-use trash can as it has the reflex technology and motion sensor in it. Whenever you come near to throw the trash, the sensor senses you and automatically opens the lid. You do not have to touch to open the cover.

Also, the lid would not close on your hand as it has the vision sensory feature that gives you the alert that when it is about to close. The green light blinking indicates that it is open, but when the light turns red means, it is about to close.

You want a hit of those smelling trash when you enter your kitchen. Well, for that this one has the AbdsorbX odour filter that Absorbs that smell and keeps your kitchen fresh.

If you are someone who works in the Restaurant and daily have a bulk of trash, then o need to worry. The large size of this kitchen trash can easily fit in a large number of that trash. Even if your trash bag is massive it will still fit in as it has an adequate 11.5 inches opening.

As it has the motion sensor in it so you would need the batteries. It is compatible with the AA batteries. But if you do not want that, then you can go for the iToucless AC adapter for it working.

Pros Cons
Space-saving shape and design It does not include the inner bucket for effective cleaning
Big mouth to fit in any box or trash bags Does not come with batteries or adapter
Odour absorbent filter
Visio sense technology for Touchless operation
Smudge and fingerprint-proof

4. iTouchless 13 Gallon Touchless Sensor Trash Can Alpine White

If you are most concerned about the space, then the iTouchless White Kitchen Trash Can be the go-to for you. This one is a slim and modern designed trash can that can fit in even smaller spaces.

This is a convenient option for the limits spaces. Along with that, this is a kitchen trash can 13 gallon incapacity which makes it a handy choice.

It has a cylindrical design with 31.3 inches high. Elegant and sleek design with that perfect smooth white finish makes it the best choice for the modern kitchen.

Also, it is smudge-proof design with the easy to clean property. You can easily wipe it up, and it is ready to go. It an automatic type of can as you do not need to touch it at all.

The motion sensor of the trash can senses your motion and opens up the lid. Also, due to its high reflex technology, it blinks green light when the lid id opens and starts flashing red when the can is about to close.

Moreover, the odour-absorbing technology makes it convenient as it absorbs the smell of the trash and prevents it from spreading all over in your kitchen. You are leaving your kitchen a fresh and healthy environment.

 You can use it for any area you want, and the best thing is that it does not need any unique trash bags as it fits any standard trash can bags.

Pros Cons
Stylish and modern space saving design Trash can bags of this size are difficult to find as the standard ones keep falling off
Hygienic option as total touch-free operation
Has a motion sensor that senses the motion of a person
Odour absorbing feature

5. Rubbermaid Touch Top Lid Trash Can for Home, Kitchen 13 Gallon, White

The Rubbermaid 13 Gallon White Kitchen Trash Can is the last on our Best Kitchen trash can list. This is another very convenient and seamless design made of the sturdy and robust plastic.

If you are someone on a tight budget, then this trash can is for you. This one is a primary type of model but with all the worth investing features. The construction quality is also like the high-end ones, and you will not be disappointed.

This one is also the Kitchen trash can with lid for preventing the smell from spreading your kitchen. The cover is the touch top lid that quickly springs up when you want to put trash in it.

Another feature of this trash can is that it has the Linerlock technology features. This feature keeps the trash bag locked in the place and does not let it slip whenever you are putting trash in the can.

Moreover, the design of the trash can is perfect for any the room, and the white colour makes it suitable for anywhere. So whether it is your kitchen, garage, office or anywhere you can quickly put it, and it will blend with the environment.

The size of a kitchen trash can is perfect for any kitchen as it gives you a 13-gallon capacity which can easily last the whole day. You can discard the trash at the end of the day and make it ready for the next day.

Pros Cons
Affordable and in budget product Handle through which it is pushed open may get jammed sometimes.
Lightweight with high-quality material
Sturdy and durable plastic that make sit reliable.

Final Verdict

White colour is something that can go with every kitchen, whether it is the modern or the classic traditional ones. Limited space or large you can get a white trash can, and it will still look fancy and good.

The above reviews of the white kitchen trash cans are a detailed and comprehensive guide for you. So whenever you go on the hunt for best trash can you don’t get confused on what to take or whatnot.

So we hope that these 5 best 13-gallon white kitchen trash can is a helpful solution for you.

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