The Best Rice Cookers Review

Rice is the main ingredient that forms the backbone of so many dishes in the world. Your grains should be well prepared, no matter what recipe you are making. That’s why the selection of one of the best rice cookers is a must to cook your grains perfectly.

A quality rice cooker reduces the effort and guesswork included in making bunches. There are so many rice cookers to cook perfectly rice more comfortable and faster than ever. According to the buyer’s need and to help you to find the best rice cooker for your requirements, here we reviewed the best rice cookers.

1. Aroma Housewares 14-Cup Rice Cooker

Well prepares 4 to 14 cups of cooked rice and automatically puts it warm for hours. Steams, vegetables even while cooking rice. Simple, one-touch control switches to keep-warm mode automatically when completed.

Nonstick interior cooking pot and all accessories are dishwasher-safe for simple cleanup. Aroma 14-cup is available in red, black and white colors. Aroma 14 cups are easy to use, making rice at Home, and it’s a enjoyable rice pot cooker

The pot style rice cooker and rice steamer, Aroma cooker prepare restaurant-quality rice at the rush of a switch. Once the rice has cooked to end, the rice cooker automatically switch over to its “keep warm setting”, so you don’t have to spend time bothering about moving or controlling the rice as it cooks.

The Added steam tray also steams other foods and vegetables while rice cooks below for a limitless supply of meals that are as delicious as they are simple.

Once the cooking is ended, the nonstick interior cooking pot and all accomplices are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
This rice cooker has a shiny cooking plot Water splatter from the chimney is an issue with all other rice cookers
This stainless steel cooker cooks excellent white rice
it is a lightweight rice cooker
Very cheap
Easy to clean

2. Hamilton Beach 16 cups Rice Cooker and food steamer

There are many perfect rice cookers out there, but one of the best rice cooker 2020 is a Hamilton Beach rice cooker. This device will not only cook rice to ideal, but it’ll also steam whole grains, hot cereal, steamed vegetables. Additionally, it included a steam basket and rice rinser.

Plus point of a small rice cooker is that it automatically cooks rice, and then shifts to warm. Amazon consumers love the small rice cooker for its size and high-quality results;

Hamilton is one of the best rice cooker brand. You can make your food, rice, and grains easily through this electric rice cooker and food steamer.

On the other hand, the movable non stick cooking pot makes it easy to wash and dishwater safe. And its automatically shift to warm when the cycle of cooking is complete. It has a removable nonstick cooking pot.

Pros Cons
Automatic switch to warm mode one cooking over Plastic material body
16 cups cooked rice capacity
Dishwasher safe
Dual use, steam food while cooking rice.
Rice rinser included

3. Hamilton Beach Mini Rice Cooker with Steam & Rinse Basket

Cooking rice should not be a conflict. Get yourself this electric rice cooker from Hamilton Beach. Put your ingredients in Hamilton Beach and turn it on. This Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker(37508) has a capability of 8 cups cooked rice.

It can cook faro, wheat, millet, quinoa, grain, buckwheat. With a simple one-touch order, your rice will be cooked within minutes.

Put rice in the bowl and turn it on. This easy operating system gives you time to prepare the rest of your meal.

Pros Cons
Automatic warm mode Not suitable for big family
8 cups cooked rice capacity No color options
Dishwasher safe
Cooking rice and steaming other food together
Included rice rincer

4. Simply Stainless 14-Cup (Cooked) Aroma Housewares rice cooker

Aroma Housewares Simply stainless steel cooker perfectly prepares 4 to 14 cups of rice. In more addition, The best-rated rice cooker is getting Keep-Warmed automatically with a one-touch operation.

Other responsive design features include a removable inner pot and easy to clean. The Aroma Housewares Simply Stainless is so famous that it’s earned an excellent rating 4.3 out of 5 The device is handy, long-lasting, and high-quality.

Aroma Simply Stainless makes cooking easy at home . Anyone can make Restaurant-quality rice and healthy steamed by using this perfect rice cooker. The cooking pot is manufactured entirely of surgical-grade 304 stainless steel for your worry-free cooking and excellent results. Many buyers say it the best then other Korean rice cookers.

Pros Cons
Automatic warm mode Little bit higher price as compare to other same capacity cooker
14 cups cooked rice capacity Cooking pot is not made of solid stainless steel
Easy to clean in dishwasher
Cooking and steaming together
Included rice rincer

5. WHITE TIGER 1.0L Portable rice cooker

If you love to cook, but dread of the exhausting continuous stirring process, this 1.0L Mini Rice Cooker could be an attractive option for you. The device is a Mini Rice Cooker with seven special functions. For slow- and fast-cooking presets, including one for risotto .

Like other high-quality Rice Cooker, this rice cooker also has hundreds of devoted fans.

This rice cooker produces personalized snacks and side dishes. Other features include a 15 minutes fast cooking, auto shut-off, and a power-on sign light. The top grip makes it easy for you to take this rice cooker. White color makes it hot.

This beautiful mini rice cooker could be ideal for bachelor or couple, and prefect for personalized cooking.

Other than rice this multipurpose cooker can be used to cook oatmeal, soup and pasta.

Pros Cons
Correctly cooks Basmati, Jasmin, brown and red rice Aluminium body
Perfect for personalized cooking
No rice stick on the pot
Keep warm function
Dishwasher safe nonstick cooking bowl

6. Nutri Ware 14-Cup rice cooker by Aroma Housewares

The Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup is a digital rice cooker that gives well yields 14-cup cooked rice. Main features include white and brown rice cooking, steam food and vegetables, sauté-then-simmer, and keep-warm etc.

The cooking pot comes with with tempered glass Lid .

The Accessories in Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup is Stainless Steel Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup, and Serving Spatula. This electric cooker is made of stainless steel.

Like other cooker it also has one-touch operation that switches to keep warm automatically once the cooking is finished.

Pros Cons
Beautiful shiny cooking pot Plastic handle
Stainless steel pot for healthier cooking Lid vibrates and moves when boiling 
Lightweight and compact
Not expensive
Easy to clean

7. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


The best rice cooker, which is the most selling brand in America, In more addition, instant pot duo multi-cooker cooks fast and save your time. The outstanding achievement of this electric rice cooker is that it has a Stainless Steel Inner Pot.

Instant Pot Duo rice cooker the best because of its Most popular size capacity. Its advanced safety protection, like overheat protection, makes it a perfect rice cooker. Its most valuable features of the best rice cooker are the Free Instant Pot app on iOS and Android devices.

More than 95,899 rating reviews makes it Amazon’s top-rated rice cooker. It uses less energy and cooks fast, provides nutritious, healthy food conveniently and consistently.

This 7 in 1 kitchen gadget works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, Sauté, yogurt maker & warmer.

It is loaded with 10+ built-in safety features, including overheat protection and safety

Pros Cons
Large size pot Plastic handle
Easy to clean due to stainless steel material Lid vibrates and moves when boiling 
Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel lid
Available in 3 sizes
Easy to clean

8. Aroma Digital Cool-Touch 8 cup Rice Grain Cooker

Aroma cooker Company also known as Mirama Enterprises and was founded in 1977, California, United States. . This Multi-functional, fast and reliable cooker from Aroma loaded with special functions for cooking up to 8 cups of the restaurant-quality brown and white rice.

It comes with user-friendly digital panel a hot plate to ricer cooker and a nonstick inside cooking pot that’s movable for easy cleaning.

Pros Cons
User Friendly digital panel Beeps are little noisy
Include automatic food warmer  
Cooking and steaming together
Easy to clean

9. Japanese Style Aroma multi function cooker

This Japanese rice cooker has a fabulous feature to impress their buyers. Cook easily 4 to 12 cups of any quality of rice with perfect moisture and texture. It also cooks and steam vegetables nicely.

The best-selling model of Japanese rice cookers has Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup, Soup Ladle, and Serving Spatula.

With the capacity of 6-cup uncooked rice, multi-cooker functions are excellent for any family because it easy to use. “Saute then simmer” feature makes it versatile rice cooker. This feature allows to sauté foods at a high heat and automatically switch over to its simmer mode once liquid is added.

It is designed to cook all size grain whether small, medium or long.

Pros Cons
Saute and simmer function No facility to store the vapor like the traditional rice cooker.
Slow cooking feature  
Cooking and steaming together
Easy to clean dishwasher safe
SS body and non stick pot

10. Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR-DF101 5 Cup (uncooked) Japanese cooker prepare delicious home-cooked meals. With a size of up to 5 cups of (uncooked rice).The electric rice cooker works well for healthy snacks for one or two people and large feasts when cooking for family or friends.

Easily programmed to cook brown rice, white rice, glutinous rice, mixed rice, short or long-grained rice cooker.

The rice steamer’s automatic shut-off function prevents overcooking. Simultaneously, its keep-warm setting activates when cooking is complete, holding contents at ideal serving temperature for up to 12 hours.

Other attractive feature of this cooker is push-button lid release, a domed lid that stops stored water from re-entering the contents.

Pros Cons
Compact design Not suitable to cook small amount of rice
Non stick inner pot with measurement marks  
Different setting for hard and soft rice.
Easy to clean dishwasher safe
Easy to transport due to its portable design and sturdy handel

Points to keep in mind for the best rice cookers purchase

There are some parameters which must be keep in the mind before buying any rice cooker.

  • Quantity and quality of rice your family consume at a time.
  • Your budget
  • It should be user friendly to operate.
  • Must be made of stainless steel for healthy cooking.
  • Easy to clean

We hope our selection of the best rice cookers will help you to finalize your purchase of the best rice cooker.

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