How to find the best blender?

The best blender has no any specific definition. If you are looking for a blender to fulfill your needs, you must understand that you cannot decide what type and model to choose without knowing the blender itself. Most people choose blenders for various needs.

Some want a blender for smoothies while others look for blenders for baby food. Some want a whole food processing machine to help them in the kitchen. All of the various needs require different specifications of the blender.

If you want to choose the right blender, you need to read this piece of writing as a blender tutorial. And try to understand the features and specifications which you must look for in answering the question: How can I find blender of my need?

We have also come up with the list of most anticipated and need satisfying blenders of all times. But before that list, let’s look at the vital specification which you must know before making the decision.

How I can find the best blender?

Check the power

For many people, high power means high performance. But this is not always the case in real life. The jug and blade play a crucial role in transferring the power of the motor into performance. The power of the blender is mostly mentioned in watts. The Best smoothie blender starts form 500 watt motor capacity to provide you maximum performance. Blenders for baby food would roughly require a 700-watt motor to offer you lump-free food.

Blender settings and speeds

The latest blender models come with preset speed and settings. The competition between blender vs juicer regarding the settings might confuse you a bit. But if you look for blenders vs food processors, you might enthrall to know that some models competitively compete food processors with their speed, settings and accessories. 

Blender materials

Blenders with glass jars were most common in the beginning. But now, because of the weight of glass, many people are moving towards plastic options. People loved glass jars because of the sturdy performance. But know BPA free plastic, Tritan has proved to be a better substitute for the glass.

Blender practicality

If your need is processing hot food, the jug with a two-part lid will serve you more practically. If you’re going to make mayonnaise or sauces, the lids provide you ease of adding ingredients while the blender is on.

The extras

If you are not looking for a blender for smoothies but to process the kitchen’s food, you must look for extra accessories like the milling and grinding blades and the small container for mincing.

Easy to clean

Never go for such machine which is challenging to clean. Always go for the model, which has a round state of the art design, which is also easy to clean. Some blenders come with the option of the self-cleaning feature. You need to add water and cleaning liquid, and your pitcher is as good as new.

You have learned about the essential features you need to look for a product for your food. Now here is a list of most anticipated blenders that proved to satisfy various needs of different people.

You have learned about the essential features you need to look for a product for your food. Now here is a list of most anticipated blenders that proved to satisfy various needs of different people.

Here we shortlisted some blenders with different features. You can choose as per your need

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Power: 1,500 watts

Modes: Dough, blend, crush and mincing

In the competition between blenders vs food processors, the Ninja mega kitchen system might outrun some of the favorite food processors. You can use this bender in any situation in the kitchen. You can even use it to make dough and snacks. 

The eye-catching feature of this product is that it comes with several different accessories. There are three pitchers like 72 ounces, 64 ounces and 16-ounce capacity. There are other blades like shredding and slicing, which make it versatile.

Pros Cons
Powerful motor Little less straightforward for some
Makes dough
Three capacity pitcher
Mincing and slicing
Looks great in the kitchen
Dishwasher saf
Easy to clean

KOIOS oxasmart Immersion Hand Blender

Power: 800 watts

Modes: 12 speeds and turbo mode

There is a pile of reasons that make this handheld blender compete for stationary blenders’ productivity and efficiency. One reason is that you don’t need much space to store this device, and the other is that it tends to be cheaper than the same capacity stationary compatriots. There are 12 different speed options in this blender to make it highly productive and useful in processing many other foods. The turbo mode can take down even the most challenging food of all time.

You get an excellent selection of additional accessories like an egg beater and an extra pitcher. The blender is reinforced with titanium to provide you year lasting product without compromising productivity and effectiveness.

Pros Cons
Portable design Easy to store The handheld design might not appeal to some people.
Easy to use
Range of accessories
Many different foods processing
Relatively inexpensive

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Power: 900 Watts

Modes: smoothies and baby foods and

The best smoothie blender also stands in the line of best blenders for baby food. You can easily crush the ice and make smoothies from frozen fruits and vegetables. The 24-ounce cup has a powerful motor to make it one of the top-rated blenders for smoothies.

The easy to use system comes with a pulse button to crush the ice according to your need by simply pressing the button. The blender is easy to clean, and removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Pros Cons
Blades break down frozen food easily Only single serve
Grate for juicing
Two cups with Sip & Seal Lids
Dishwasher safe
Relatively inexpensive

Conclusion: We have provided you essential features that you need to look for in the blender before making the decision. The list of the product contains the three versatile and top-rated products to fulfill your various needs. Still, it is wise to write down your needs and read the products’ pros and cons to match your needs before purchasing the blender.

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